The Need for Balance

I am one of those emotionally driven people and sometimes it’s hard for me to balance the reality of a situation and my responsibility towards the situation. I believe that every relationship needs a true sense of balance. A time to simply breathe. With so much going on sometimes there’s a need to just have a place where you can not only let your hair down but allow yourself to be whomever you need to be in that moment.

I pray for a husband that can see my stress levels rising and take action! I tend to bottle up when stressed and may become withdrawn. I pray for a husband that has a spirit of discernment and who will start to see the signs and do something simple…like throw a pillow across the room. I know it sounds strange, but that’s what works for me. Being able to escape and play around, to laugh, and to take my focus off of the issues that have consumed me is needed from time to time.

Balance is needed in every area of life, especially in marriage!


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