Change of Mind

I promise you at least twice a week I sit in my living room and ask, “Lord, what are you doing with my life?” That feeling of being stuck consumes me and I feel like running, but have no idea where to go. 

Before I decided to sit down and write this I reevaluated my life and I kept asking that question over and over. I wanted God to show me the purpose of every experience I’ve had these past few months and He was silent. Not a song, a hum, or even a bird chirping….dead silence. It was in that silence that I heard “Keep asking”. Ummmm, excuse me? 

You see I’m one of those people who talks around a problem before finally getting to my point, and the more I asked the question the more frustrated I became. It was at that point when I felt tears on my cheek that I asked “Lord, what are you doing in my life?” Before I could take my next breath a smile came over my face. 

It’s amazing how changing one word can change how we perceive problems. By asking God what He was doing with my life I was looking for a reason for my frustrations that benefited others…but by asking what God is doing in my life I shift my focus to how God is trying to bless me. 

Trials and tribulations aren’t fun to experience, but they serve as a catalyst in our growth process. God never promised us that growth would be comfortable, but He promised that our growth is part of His plan for our life. 

Jeremiah 29:11 is one of those text that I’ve read when I feel that life is escaping me and my frustrations are getting the best of me. But this morning I read verses 11-14 and I was able to walk away with a refreshed sense of who God is during this time in my life. 

There are moments when I feel that God doesn’t hear me, isn’t paying me attention, or is tired of hearing the same prayer every day…but He tells me that when I call on Him He will listen and when I seek Him with my whole heart I will find Him. I love that He doesn’t promise to respond, but He promises to listen. Sometimes I just need to vent and get out my thoughts…not a response and in His infinite mercies He promises to do just this just for me. 

God can’t do anything with me until He’s finish working in me….and with that I choose to have a change of mind. From being pained to living in His peace. From being frustrated to being faithful. From being agitated to living in His anointing. From being selfish to being selfless. And from being tired to being triumphant. 


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