How much do you Weigh?

This morning I decided to remove some weight out of my life…I was tired of feeling run down and exhausted carrying around dead weight, daily. The issue with this weight is that it’s not simple to remove. There’s no amount of cardio I can do, doesn’t matter how much I eat right, or a procedure that can make it disappear. This is a matter of the heart.

When I was thinking about relationships I started to wonder how much do I weigh. In the life of my significant other am I more of a burden that a blessing? Do I weigh down a relationship with my expectations, my emotional roller-coaster ride, and my need to be needed? Do I go from a blessing to a burden? Now before I hear the “don’t think of yourself like this”, let me fully explain.

In the past, I’ve gone from “I like you” to planning a life together in a matter of weeks. I’ve had an ex who was on the same path and it was horrific lol. We went from boyfriend and girlfriend to talking about rings in less than three months (I was 20 at the time and it scared me to death). The truth of the matter is I am an emotional dater; logic and reasoning go out the door and I move based on what I’m feeling. Think about it this way: I have a given a three-month-old baby a 5-pound weight and expect them to be able to lift with ease. Unrealistic and more importantly unhealthy.

Being an emotionally driven person has its good points, but when considering certain aspects of life logic must come before emotion.


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