Cash Money taking over…

Dear Future Friend,


I was riding in the car last week and realized that I can go from Kurt Carr’s “One Word” to rapping every line of Cash Money’s “Back that thang up” in a period of an hour. I was listening to Spotify and had a good mix going when all of a sudden I hit the wrong button and the mood changed. I mean I listened to some great gospel jams when all of a sudden I heard “Cash money taking over for the 99 and the 2000”. I can’t quite state what happened, but all of a sudden I was going 90 and was jamming hard.

I must admit that I have a strong passion for music, marching band especially (*mental note: write a post about your dream date), and I try to keep my mind on spiritual things but when I hear certain songs I turn into Nae (short for my middle name). I love hearing some good New Orleans’ second line music ( and will break out into a praise all by myself in the car listening to some of my favorite gospel music ( but it always makes me laugh at how quick the mood can change.

I sincerely believe that music is a true expression of our feelings that we can’t find the words to express and am that person that will send you a link to a song that makes me think of you. Please note that when I send a song I want you to listen to the words, take notes, and be prepared for an in-depth conversation about my feelings.



Jasmine Sullivan has written most of my feelings for me 😉


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