You will be More

Dear Future Husband,

I took a break from writing to collect my thoughts and realized that I placed you in a box. Moving forward you will be so much more that just “Dear Future Husband”. There will be letters addressed “Dear Future Friend,” “Dear Future Father,” and “Dear Future Partner in Crime”.

I realize that by only sticking to the label of “Husband” I take away from the experience of knowing all of you. I must admit that I’ve been that woman who has been so focused on the idea of marriage that I’ve missed the fun that is getting to know a person. You know, those 2 A.M. conversations about your favorite episode of your favorite show or how you have an unrealistic fear that makes me laugh (you know that sharks will come out of the toilet or something).

I believe that marriage is something to be desired, but it shouldn’t be the end goal. For me, there is no end goal when I think about dating anymore because it will be a lifelong process of getting to know another human being that changes daily. As humans we will continue to grow as we experience new things, go through hardships, and learn more about this life we live…and limiting the journey of growing together to a meeting at the end of an aisle cheats both of us out of a wonderful experience.

So from this moment on you will be more than just “Dear Future Husband” simply because you will be more than that in my life.



I can be sappy sometimes 🙂


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