A bit of Truth

After a crazy night I thought I would write out a bit of my truth. 

Dear Future Husband,

I despise when someone is smacking. No, I need you to understand that a part of me wanted to slap this chick about an hour ago. 

I know we all have pet peeves, but I think when smacking is one of them you are inclined to a level of sensitivity people can’t quite comprehend. 

I sometimes wonder how I will be able to have children because when they snack their food I don’t know how I will respond. Even my niece knows not to snack around me because I become  someone else. 

I say all this to say, when you are old and all your teeth have fallen out you will be drinking smoothies because I don’t want to have to cringe when you’re eating. 


Please don’t smack your lips when drinking your smoothie


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