Let it Go

When to let go…

My greatest quality is also my biggest flaw. Loyalty. This is a word I’ve heard so many men use when describing their perfect mate “I want her to be loyal.” When in actuality many of them need to say ” I want her to stick around while I try and figure out what I really want. I want her to stay by my side even though I sleep or talk with other women. I want her to fall in love with my potential so that she sticks around. She’s a great woman, but I’m not ready to step up and I don’t want to lose her.” If there was a way I could get 100% guarantee my mother would never see this I would use some choice language, but I will say this. I’m so over it!

One of the hardest things, for me, is letting go of the potential of a person and realizing that I’ve played myself. He cheats…I try to see his heart. He lies…I try to convince myself that he’s protecting me. Too many times I’ve given grace where judgement was necessary, thankful I’m not there anymore. 

No, I didn’t have low self-esteem and I’m not settling…too often I’ve tried to treat others the way I want to be treated. The difference is I wouldn’t do the things they’ve done! Don’t make excuses for the lives others choose to live! 


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